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They can prevent you from working and rob you of your quality of life.

Proper compensation can’t make the injuries go away, but it can ease the burden they place on you and your family.

Few events are as traumatic as a car accident. What you do in the moments following a collision is important for your health and your legal case. The steps you should take if someone hits your car follows:

Do Not Panic
It is important to you remain calm. Amidst the broken glass and smoke, you may be in shock. However, panicking will only scare your passengers and prevent you from thinking clearly.

Do Not Leave The Scene
You should never leave the scene of a crash. Under New Jersey law, you must remain at the scene of an accident. If you leave, you may be at fault for a hit and run, even if the other driver actually caused your car accident. Furthermore, leaving the accident will seriously hurt any chances you might have of recovering compensation.

Call The Police
The police will create an accident report that documents the facts of the collision. This record is beneficial to your legal case.

Seek Medical Attention
You must seek medical attention immediately if you are in an car accident. Even if you appear to have minor injuries, you should still see a doctor. Medical personnel can prevent minor injuries from becoming worse and treat life-threatening conditions. Additionally, seeking prompt medical care is beneficial for your legal case.

Contact An Attorney
You must hire a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer. Lawyers can recommend a course of action, fight for you, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Hire Trimble & Register, A New Jersey & Pennsylvania Law Firm With Experience

You need an attorney who focuses on helping personal injury victims and who has extensive experience fighting for the rights of car accident victims in the surrounding area of Southern NJ & PA. Choosing the wrong lawyer may cost you your case. In addition, experience with insurance companies is critical in this area. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience assisting accident victims, Trimble & Register is well positioned to champion your cause in front of insurers and, if necessary, a jury. Our aggressiveness ensures that settlement offers are fair – and if they’re not, we have extensive trial experience and the resources necessary to prove your case.

If you suffer injury in any way, we will stand by your side. At Trimble & Register, our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and skill to fight for your rights. Do not hesitate in contacting us today by phone (856) 232-9500 or online to speak to one of our trustworthy attorneys.

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