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Hit by a Drunk Driver? Here is what you can do legally

Hit by a Drunk Driver? Here is what you can do legally

 “Every day, around 29 people in the USA die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. That is one death every 50 minutes!”

As the statistics suggest, the chances of getting hit by a drunk driver are pretty high, so you must know what you can do legally if you ever get hit by a drunk driver:

  • Call the police

Regardless of the severity of the injury or damages after a collision, if you are conscious and suspect being hit by a drunk driver, call the police right away. The police will create an accident report to document the facts of the collision. The formal record of the accident is necessary to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the drunk driver responsible for the accident.

  • State the facts

When the police arrive at the scene, they’ll want to know exactly what happened. Try to share the accurate details of your accident. Situations like these can create a lot of stress and provoke an emotional response, try to calm yourself, and do not elaborate or exaggerate the facts. If the police ask you whether or not you are injured, never say no. After such an encounter, you may get an adrenaline rush and not feel any pain at that moment. It is okay to tell the officer that you are unsure whether you are hurt or not.

  • Gather information

If you are able, it is always advised to collect as much information from the accident scene as possible. Gather information of the drunken driver like their name, any insurance information, potential witness contact details, and take photographs of the accident scene along with any visible injuries with your smartphone. Also, ensure to obtain the claim number for the accident report so you can request a copy as soon as it is ready.

  • Seek medical treatment

You must seek medical attention immediately, even if you appear to have minor injuries. Never refuse medical treatment even if you’re feeling okay. Some injuries might not get noticed right away but you may start feeling the pain after a few hours or few days. Medical experts can help prevent minor injuries from becoming worse. Moreover, seeking prompt medical examination and care is beneficial for your legal case. Get your injuries documented by a medical expert as it will help your accidental injury case. This document will help you procure the maximum amount of compensation during the settlement process.

  • Hire an experienced attorney

When you get hit by a drunk driver, you deserve compensation for any damages, injuries, pain, and suffering caused due to the accident.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney like Trimble & Register for legal advice before speaking with the insurance company. Hiring a personal injury attorney for your case increases your chances of attaining the compensation you deserve.

At Trimble & Register, we ensure to conduct a thorough investigation into the accident, including securing evidence of the other driver’s intoxication and fault for the wreck. Our attorneys always stand by your side and fight to protect your rights.

Do not hesitate to contact us today at (856)-232-9500 and speak to one of our trustworthy attorneys.