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Tenants’ Rights: When to Hire a Lawyer

Tenants’ Rights: When to Hire a Lawyer

In some cases, hiring a lawyer can be an unnecessary splurge, however, in some instances, seeking legal advice is essential. The same goes for tenants — some minor issues can be resolved with mutual talking and without any arbitration but in a few disputes, legal interference is required.

Here are a few situations which, if occurred, tenants should consider hiring a lawyer.

If Your Landlord Evicts You

If you are creating a nuisance, your landlord has all the rights to evict you but via a legal route. For evicting the tenants, landlords need to follow eviction procedures in compliance with the local and state regulations. If your landlord cancels your utilities, starts removing or mishandling your possessions, or keeps you from entering the rented property, you should hire a lawyer. If the tenants are violating the law, landlords have the right to take legal action but taking the matter into their own hands is against the law.

Even if your landlord provides you with a termination notice, you can hire a lawyer if you intend to fight. If your actions are not violating the law, your lawyer can argue your landlord’s eviction process.

If Your Landlord is Ignoring the Repairs

As per the law, landlords need to fulfill their tenants’ basic needs, such as electrical repair, wood and window repair, and furniture restoration, etc. If your landlord is not fulfilling such obligations, you can take the legal route. Although you can withhold the rent or “repair and deduct as well,” it needs to be done the right way. A lawyer can understand your situation and come up with a solution about whether to settle the problem or sue the landlord.

If Your Landlord Discriminates Against You

Landlord discriminations are common, and if you feel you are one of those victims, you can seek legal help. If discriminatory actions of the landlord are proven, you can get all the help along with compensation to recover the damage you suffered. If you are low on funds and cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you can file a fair housing complaint with HUD or HUD’s FHAP.

Once you file a complaint, the agency will investigate your complaint. If enough proof of your landlord discriminating against you is found, the agency will provide you a HUD lawyer free of cost to represent you in front of a judge. If your lawyer proves your discrimination charges, the judge can find your landlord and compensate you with an attorney’s fee and other reliefs.

You get injured due to your landlord’s negligence

Accidents are common and can happen to anyone at any time. However, if the accidents are caused by the carelessness or intention of the landlord, you can take legal action. For example, if you get injured because of the broken staircase that your landlord is not willing to fix, or, if your landlord doesn’t change the pool water for weeks, which made you or your family ill, you can seek legal help. There are many other instances where the landlord might not intentionally want to hurt you but can be held responsible by the low, and getting help from a lawyer can help you uncover these situations.

If Your Promises Are Not Fulfilled

Landlords make promises to secure tenants. For example, if you are concerned about the cold weather, your landlord might promise to install integrated thermostats or heating systems. Or, if you have a car that does not fit the available garage space, your landlord might promise to upgrade the garage. However, there have been cases where landlords refuse to fulfill the promises they made before. If you find yourself in such situations, you have the right to seek a lawyer and ask your lawyer to file a lawsuit against your landlord until the promises are fulfilled.

If Your Property Is Damaged

Damaged property can cause accidents like sudden fire and falls. If you don’t have a renter’s insurance that enables you to seek reimbursement, you can consider seeking legal help. A lawyer will help you obtain compensation or relief from the landlord.

Landlord-tenant disputes are common but if the landlord is violating the law, tenants should hire a lawyer. If one or more of the above situations oscillate with your condition, you can seek legal advice from Trimble & Register to handle the disputes. We will fight to protect your rights and help bring order back to your life.

Our attorneys are compassionate and dedicated to the needs of our clients. As a result, our attorneys and staff begin working on cases immediately and do not stop until our clients are satisfied. For a consultation on your legal matter, contact Trimble & Register today.