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If you or your children are suffering from any type of physical or verbal abuse, you need to act quickly to protect the physical and mental health of yourself and those you love. Abuse, in whatever form, can have long-term serious negative consequences; so first and foremost, find safety. Then contact a family law attorney to quickly put appropriate legal protections in place, most importantly filing an application for a New Jersey restraining order.

Our expert attorneys can help you find legal safe haven under The New Jersey Domestic Violence Act for the best possible outcome to end the violence. Without proper legal representation, abusive parents can get custody of their children, remain in your home, and continue to inflict harm on you and your children.

Under the law, domestic violence is committed by a person who has been close to you in your life including: a spouse, or ex-spouse, members of your household (past and current), any current or former boyfriend or girlfriend, or the parent of your children (or expected child). You do not need to be legally related to or currently living with an abuser to qualify for protection under this law.

Domestic violence comes in many forms and can range from physical and sexual assault, to verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Simple or aggravated assault, harassment and terroristic threats, are also considered violent acts.

In order to maximize the protection of the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act, you need a lawyer with experience in handling these cases. There is great urgency to file the appropriate forms, inform authorities, and help you put the necessary steps in place to remove you and your loved ones from harm’s way.

In the alternative, if you have been accused of committing an act of domestic violence, you should know there may be severe penalties such as:

In the alternative, if you have been accused of committing an act of domestic violence, you should know there may be severe penalties such as:

An order restraining the defendant from subjecting the victim to domestic violence, as defined in this act.

An order granting exclusive possession to the plaintiff of the residence or household regardless of whether the residence or household is jointly or solely owned by the parties or jointly or solely leased by the parties…

An order providing for visitation…[ meaning the complainant obtains custody]

An order requiring the defendant to pay to the victim monetary compensation for losses suffered as a direct result of the act of domestic violence…

An order restraining the defendant from entering the residence, property, school, or place of employment of the victim or of other family or household members of the victim…

An order restraining the defendant from making any communication likely to cause annoyance or alarm…

An order requiring that the defendant make or continue to make rent or mortgage payments on the residence occupied by the victim if the defendant is found to have a duty to support the victim or other dependent household members…

An order granting either party temporary possession of specified personal property, such as an automobile, checkbook, documentation of health insurance, any identification documents, a key, and other personal effects.

An order awarding emergent monetary relief to the victim and other dependents, if any. An ongoing obligation of support shall be determined at a later date pursuant to applicable law…²

An Order awarding temporary custody of a minor child. The court shall presume that the best interests of the child shall be served by an award of custody to the non- abusive parent.

An Order requiring that a law enforcement officer accompany either party to the residence to supervise the removal of personal belongings.

An Order granting any other appropriate relief for the plaintiff and minor children

An Order that the defendant report to the intake office of the Family Part for monitoring

An Order prohibiting the defendant from possessing any firearm or weapon

The Lawyers at Trimble & Register Have Successfully Defended Individuals Accused Of Domestic Violence.

Our attorneys are compassionate and dedicated to the needs of our clients. As a result, our attorneys and staff begin working on cases immediately and do not stop until our clients are satisfied. For a initial consultation on your legal matter, Contact Trimble & Register today.

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