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Trimble & Register Fight for Children Who Need Special Education or Individualized Education Programs

Dedicated lawyers providing strong advocacy for special needs families

We won’t let you be intimidated by the process of appealing to educators who have refused to provide the requested assistance for your child. Trimble & Register can represent you at each step, for any type of challenge your child might have, including:


✔ Hearing or Visual Impairment
✔ Autism or Asperger's Syndrome
✔ ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder

✔ 504 Plans
✔ IEP Review

✔ Learning Disability
✔ Traumatic Brain Injury
✔ Orthopedic Injury or Other Physical Ailment

Trimble & Register Works For You Through The Special Education Process

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grants parents of children with disabilities the ability to have their child evaluated for special education eligibility. Time is of the essence when a child struggles at school, so we will press for an expedited, thorough assessment of your needs. Our attorneys can also help review all documents to ensure that your rights are not violated.

Once it’s determined that your child needs additional assistance, we will convene school personnel and anyone else necessary to create an IEP. This will spell out exactly what your child needs and what must be provided by the school. We will then monitor your child’s progress to ensure compliance and review the periodic school updates required by law. Learning can be a complicated process, so we will not hesitate to request changes after the plan goes into effect.

Trimble & Register will help you navigate through complex federal and state laws. Please see the following websites for your convenience:


Contact Trimble & Register, aggressive lawyers, to help pursue the educational support your child deserves

At Trimble & Register, we will take on the educational bureaucracy to help obtain the special education or IEP that can improve your child’s life. For someone who will stand with you and your child, contact our law office online or at (856) 232-9500.

Serving clients throughout Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties along with South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.